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Will you be named Global Winner at World Perfumery Congress?

Quintis Sandalwood and the American Society of Perfumers invites you create a fragrance to hero Indian sandalwood (S.album). 

Join perfumers from across the globe in a test of creativity and craft, inspired by our muse, Indian sandalwood (S.album). Fragrance submissions will be judged under rigorous conditions by a panel of professional perfumers from the American Society of Perfumers on blotter and skin. Finalists will then be displayed at SIMPPAR in France in June 2022. Finally, the Global Winner and an Emerging Talent will be named at the World Perfumery Congress in July 2022, winning prizes of $10,000 and $2,000 respectively. 


Created by you


In all instances the American Society of Perfumers will assess eligibility. Registrations are capped at a total of 300 participants.

Global Winner

All Applicants must be perfumers and members of their respective perfume societies (ASP, French, German, British, SIPC) where possible. Perfumers in countries without perfumery societies are welcome to participate. Perfumers who are not members of perfume societies are also welcome to apply, provided that they have a minimum of 12 months professional experience and are engaged in the creation of fragrances. In this instance submission of a CV will be required.

Emerging Talent

To be eligible for the Emerging Talent award Applicants must be enrolled in a perfumery education program, have graduated in the past 24 months or be currently working as a Junior perfumer.


Submit your Application via the form below. 


Successful applicants will receive an email to confirm registration. This email will provide you with your unique identification number to preserve the anonymity of your Entry submission.

Competition Materials

Successful Applicants will receive one kit of Competition Materials. These will be dispatched each Friday from the 5th November 2021. You'll receive an email providing tracking details once dispatched. 

This kit will include: 

  • Sandalwood Reimagined Box
  • Sandalwood Reimagined Brief
  • Bottle #1 - Quintis Sandalwood (Santalum album) oil 
  • Bottle #2 - 15mL Fragrance Bottle 
  • Statement of Creative Intent

Once received, check the unique identification numbers across all Materials to ensure they are accurate and consistent. 

Printing has been kept to a minimum, using only recycled paper. To minimise waste and protect your Entry, we encourage you to reuse the Sandalwood Reimagined Box when shipping your Entry for submission. 


This competition is also an opportunity to celebrate and experience this exquisite ingredient. To do this, we’re removing the normal parameters of a commercial fragrance brief like consumer profile and budget. Instead, we’re inviting you to be guided by our muse, Indian sandalwood (Santalum album), while following a few basic principles.

Your fragrance should be:

  • Male, female or genderless
  • All base submissions must use at least 1% of Quintis Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) oil, as supplied in the Competition Materials
  • Eau de toilette (EDT) @ 12% (alcohol 40B/H20)
  • Entries must be supplied as a base (alcohol will be added prior to judging)
  • All submissions must follow current IFRA 49 guidelines at the use level with a declaration stating that the submission is indeed safe at 12%.
  • All submissions will be created using only essential oils, aroma molecules, absolutes, and resins. Pre-made accords, bases, or partial fragrance compounds from outside sources are not allowed. Captive ingredients are also disallowed.
  • The Raw Material Cost (RMC) for the submission is open.
  • All submissions must arrive by the due date of 31st March 2022. There can be no exceptions, so please carefully allow enough time for shipping.
  • All submissions must come with a Statement of Creative Intent. Any that do not will automatically be eliminated.
  • All submissions must use the supplied bottle and be sent to the supplied address.


Once you’ve prepared your fragrance, you’ll need to submit your Entry according to the guidelines provided in the Competition Brief. 

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Fragrance submissions will be blindly assessed by an independent panel of fragrance professionals with global experience spanning New York, Paris and Geneva working for companies including Givaudan, Firmenich, IFF, Symrise, Takasago and Mane to create fragrances for iconic brands like Estée Lauder, Ralph Lauren, Coty, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and Fabergé.

AFter several rounds of blind judging, assessing the fragrances on blotter and skin, the top 10 Finalists will be selected. Finalists will be notified on the 15th May 2022 and be announced publicly at SIMPPAR in June 2022.

The competition will culminate in the Global Winner and Emerging Talent winner being named at the World Perfumery Congress in Miami on 1 July next year.

With Thanks

On behalf of Quintis Sandalwood and the American Society of Perfumers, we'd like to thank the following collaborators for their support. 

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